VoCore to support Arch Linux ARM, Puppy Linux, Devil Linux..

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VoCore to support Arch Linux ARM, Puppy Linux, Devil Linux..

Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:09 pm

Does VoCore support..
1. Arch Linux ARM - (Y/N)
2. Puppy Linux - (Y/N)
3. Devil Linux - (Y/N)
4. Damn Small Linux (DSL) - (Y/N)
5. 64MB microsd cards - (Y/N)
6. External power - (Y/N and Best methods)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much! :)
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Re: VoCore to support Arch Linux ARM, Puppy Linux, Devil Lin

Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:44 pm

I think the questions should be rewritten a little bit.
  1. Does Arch Linux ARM support VoCore? - (N) I do not see direct support, no surprise. Looking through the list of arm supported devices, I do not recall any device that is supported to have less than 128BM of Ram. Whether or not it *could* run, I do not know. This would take some experimenting.
  2. Does Puppy Linux support VoCore? - (maybe) I did a little bit of looking and it seems they are working on supporting the raspberry pi and that Pupply linux just may be lite enough but I cannot confirm. Better expert needed here.
  3. Does Devil Linux support VoCore? - (N) I was not able to find any arm support.
  4. Does Damn Small Linux (DSL) support VoCore? - (N) DSL seems to be no longer supported. I also could not find any arm support.
  5. 64MB microsd cards - (maybe) I cannot answer this. I do think that openwrt supports the exFat filesystem ( or whatever you choose to run that supports > 32GB ). I am unsure if VoCore's interface is currently capable.
  6. External power - (Y) The easiest method is to use a dock and power VoCore using the usb power plug. Another method easy method is detailed here.

Please correct me if I am wrong in any area.

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Re: VoCore to support Arch Linux ARM, Puppy Linux, Devil Lin

Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:08 am

1. VoCore is MIPS architecture (Ralink RT5350 SOC, MIPS 24KEc) so Arch Linux ARM has no support and never will.
2. Puppy Linux also doesn't currently support the MIPS architecture.
3. Devil Linux also currently doesn't support MIPS.
4. Damn Small Linux (DSL) doesn't support MIPS.
5. Haven't tested it yet, but 64GB microSD should be supported if reformatted to a supported file system such as ext4.
6. Previous reply was correct.

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