vocore 1.0 wifi rather unreliable

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vocore 1.0 wifi rather unreliable

Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:12 pm

While Ethernet works fine on my vocores, the wifi is giving me lots of headache. Using the dock the orientation of the dock is rather important. In some situations it connects fine, in others it does not. Sometimes a larger download via RF stalls and does not come up again. I tried connecting a uFL on the vocore instead of the chip antenna and connecting a regular wifi antenna, but this does not help either. Signal strength is around -50db, so signal level should be fine. Looks more like RT5350 external circuitry is getting to much noise or reflection.

Do other users face the same problems? In the current state vocore is not suited to connect as a wifi client reliable into my network, which renders it rather obsolete, unfortunately. Any idea to fix this is welcome! I hate to drop the idea of using the vocore for my project just because wifi is not stable at all.

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