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Error compiling with PWM Support

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:58 am
by ChMik

i´ve tried to compile OpenWrt with Support for PWM as instructed in
I used the Files from the tar archive in the last post but get the following errors while compiling:

Code: Select all
make[5]: Leaving directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt/build_dir/target-mipsel_24kec+dsp_uClibc-'
make[5]: Entering directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt/build_dir/target-mipsel_24kec+dsp_uClibc-'
  CHK     include/config/kernel.release
  CHK     include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h
  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h
  CALL    scripts/
  CHK     include/generated/compile.h
  CC      drivers/pwm/pwm.o
drivers/pwm/pwm.c: In function 'pwm_request':
drivers/pwm/pwm.c:107:2: warning: passing argument 4 of 'class_find_device' from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]
  d = class_find_device(&pwm_class, NULL, (char*)name, pwm_match_name);
In file included from drivers/pwm/pwm.c:26:0:
include/linux/device.h:414:23: note: expected 'int (*)(struct device *, const void *)' but argument is of type 'int (*)(struct device *, void *)'
 extern struct device *class_find_device(struct class *class,
drivers/pwm/pwm.c: In function 'duty_ns_store':
drivers/pwm/pwm.c:388:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'strict_strtoul' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
  ret = strict_strtoul(buf, 10, &duty_ns);
cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
make[7]: *** [drivers/pwm/pwm.o] Error 1
make[6]: *** [drivers/pwm] Error 2
make[5]: *** [drivers] Error 2
make[5]: Leaving directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt/build_dir/target-mipsel_24kec+dsp_uClibc-'
make[4]: *** [/home/lucifer/openwrt/build_dir/target-mipsel_24kec+dsp_uClibc-] Error 2
make[4]: Leaving directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt/target/linux/ramips'
make[3]: *** [install] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt/target/linux'
make[2]: *** [target/linux/install] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt'
make[1]: *** [/home/lucifer/openwrt/staging_dir/target-mipsel_24kec+dsp_uClibc-] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lucifer/openwrt'
make: *** [world] Error 2

I didn´t find any solution yet - should i use another build? Currently i took the latest OpenWrt Version from Git.
Thanks in advance


Re: Error compiling with PWM Support

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:04 pm
by Vonger
Hi, I think the new openwrt break the old compatible. Try old stable openwrt version might help.