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Vocore + Dock with Teensy 3.2

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:03 pm
by shaun
Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone on here could help me out, I have been bashing my head against this for a few days now and clearly I am no expert :D
I want to be able to connect a Teensy 3.2 to the Vocore, then be able to log into the Vocore and push sketches etc to the Teensy.
I will connect the Teensy to the Vocore using the USB that is available on the dock itself.

I basically want to create a completely wireless system that can interface with the Teensy, and I can sit at home and control the Teensy that is sitting in my office connected to the Vocore and office network.

If anyone has or is willing to help me interface these 2 I will be eternally grateful :)

Re: Vocore + Dock with Teensy 3.2

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:42 pm
by Vonger
First time heard teensy... :D

Re: Vocore + Dock with Teensy 3.2

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:32 am
by Anthonipples
BUMP on this, all the Teensy is is an arduino mini. is this possible or not? if not I may have to return my hardware

Re: Vocore + Dock with Teensy 3.2

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:49 am
by Vonger
Of course it is possible. arduino is a mcu board, which is more or less like the chip(gd32f150) on vocore2 utlimate, you can check its sch and pcb. connect with ttl to communicate with your arduino.

Re: Vocore + Dock with Teensy 3.2

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:45 pm
by noblepepper
You may find helpful info in the Arduino forum for the now defunct Yun. It had a similar concept to what you are doing, openwrt <-> arduino. The Yun was a atheros openwrt block tied to a AVR Arduino but did similar things.

At one time I was compiling sketches on a vocore1 and loading to a uno with avrdude over spi. Never got bossac to work on openwrt so the only upload avenue for the due was USB. Yes, you can run gcc on the VoCores to compile sketches.

What upload tool are you trying to use between openwrt and the teensy?

Serial may be an easier option, I use stm32loader to load stm32f103's on my desktop, it shouldn't be hard to port to openwrt but I think you need something else for teensy.