LIRC for OpenWRT

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LIRC for OpenWRT

Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:15 am

Hi guys

Has anyone successfully cross compiled LIRC, with GPIO support, for VoCore (OpenWRT)?

If not, is there anyone with more OpenWRT experience than me, who can help me and perhaps guide me in the right direction?

I have found a LIRC GPIO blaster, purely for transmitting, that should work, but I need the full receive an transmit capabilities.

Best regards

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Re: LIRC for OpenWRT

Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:33 am

Unfortunately I have to ask what you want to achieve. Are you interested in using the vocore for a custom IR remote control?

If so, its easier to get some IR module that outputs TTL. You can then wire it directly to the GPIO and write a few lines of code to monitor the GPIO and save the resulting data stream.

There are many modules for IR to TTL and vice versa. For a demonstration schematic, look at this

There are much smaller modules available. I use a cheap $3 one for a TV remote repeater. The receiver outputs a TTL level bit stream and the transmitter sends a 38Khz modulated output from a TTL input, joining both together gives you a repeater. I could also use the IR reciever to get the IR bit stream and save it via GPIO.
The only issue with this simplified method, is that there is no buffer. So you'd have to write a looping code to keep and eye on the GPIO at all times, or make a hardware buffer which sends a full message to the vocore and you're software reads and clears the buffer. In this case it's probably much easier purchasing a USB IR kit which has buffers built in.

Which is why I ask what you want to achieve, if you want to just save some remote IR messages and reproduce it later, then you could do it the first way and the user presses a button to active the "recording" of the IR. This would be the simplest, cheapest and probably the most convenient method.
If you were making an IR repeater over wifi device, then both methods would be fine. Since CPU usage if not at all important if the vocore is only doing that one task.

EDIT: I just checked the OPENWRT wiki and it is already detailed there.

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Re: LIRC for OpenWRT

Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:14 pm

Yea, sorry. I might have been a little vague in my initial post..

I am in the process of hacking a "dumb" speaker system to be able to control it over an ethernet API.

For this i want to put the VoCore inside the speaker system and hook it onto the internal IR receiver.

This would, if done right, give me the ability to control the system by sending IR codes to the data line (not an IR diode, but directly the data line going into the speaker system). Furthermore it would give me the ability to receive IR codes on the same data line, as transmitted by the speakers original remote.
Also i will hook the VoCore into the buttons in the system (This part is easy and already done)

This would give me, that i always knew the state of the system (Power, volume, channel etc.) as i know what the vocore is setting, i know what the remote is setting and i know what physical buttons is setting in the system.

Does it make sense?

So really, i kinda need the receive and transmit functionality of LIRC, as i dont have room for any external equipment other than the VoCore.

The link you already sent in the post is only for the transmit part, which i now have working (sort of).

But it seems i need an IRQ gpio driver for the receive part, so i guess ill have to do some programming myself.. (Hoped someone had already done some of it :( )

- Mathias

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