RT5350 boot issue

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RT5350 boot issue

Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:08 am

Hi, master
I have a issue on RT5350 boot . Would you pls give me some help?
I have check the datasheet of RT5350, it said Only {SPI_MOSI , TXD2, TXD } = 0 , which means TXD2, TXD should connect
to the ground that it can boot from the SPI flash. But you know , I have connected the TXD of RT5350 to another MCU RXD,
such as STM32 , If the STM32 RXD is high when the MCU start up, the RT5350 booting will failure, because the TXD of RT5350 is pulled high by STM32 RXD ? AM I Right?

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