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Packing List

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:33 am
by alanrhill
I received the Vocore router along with a couple of other parts. It would be helpful if there were a list of contents and what to do with them.

Re: Packing List

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:26 am
by bobpaul
I ordered a VoCore and a VoCore + Dock (DIY). Here's what I got:

1 VoCore and several header sockets for breadboarding.
1 VoCore+Dock fully assembled and several header sockets for breadboarding
1 USB to TTL Serial adapter

Here's some photos

I wasn't expected the headers; I assumed I'd have to solder wires to the test points along the edge. The headers will make it easier to move the vocore from one project to the next.

I wasn't expecting the dock to be fully assembled nor the vocore attached to the dock.

I wasn't expecting the USB to Serial adapter; those are $13 on Amazon and $10 from Adafruit! The datasheet for this product is available on adafruit's website (adafruit's board includes a case and wires, but it's the same PL2303HX chip doing all the power supply and communications). Looks like the TX and RX operate at 3.3v logic levels and appear to be 5V tolerant (absolute max lists VDD_5+0.3v as max for I/O pins). I'm not able to determine how much current can be sourced on the 3.3v line, but it looks like the 5v line is good to 500mA (USB max). Since the device itself draws about 25mA max, really you shouldn't try to source more than 475mA from the 5v.

If you received something different in your package and don't know what it is, take a picture and ask. Hope this helped you out!

Re: Packing List

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:59 am
by alanrhill
What I got was the I/O cube built with a VoCore installed on it. Along with that package I recieved two other packages each with a VoCore and an assortment of connectors. I did not get the USB to TTL board.
I assume that what I should have got was the I/O dual with one extra VoCore and one USB/TTL converter.