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RF RCswitch on vocore

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:38 pm
by alexparadise
I try to use a library RCswitch on the vocore. This library allow you to decrypt signal received on a RF433 receiver. I ported it on the board OrangePi and it work perfectly but when I try to use it on Vocore it doesn't work. I tested the GPIO and they work well.

I plug the receiver on the GPIO 21.

To run:
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./vorc -s -m /sys/class/gpio/gpio%d/direction -a /sys/class/gpio/gpio%d/value -i 21

But first you need and to copy to

To compile:
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./OpenWrt-Toolchain-ramips-for-mipsel_24kec+dsp-gcc-4.8-linaro_uClibc- -o  vorc rc.cpp RCSwitch.cpp WProgram.cpp -std=c++0x -pthread -ldl

I also tried to use but this failed as well.

May be the problem come from the internal time of the vocore (gettimeofday(&t, NULL))?
Actually I don't really understand why it's not working. Any idea??

Re: RF RCswitch on vocore

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:36 am
by Vonger
Maybe need a pull up resistor?