Sailboat instrument data distribution

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Sailboat instrument data distribution

Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:04 pm

I will be using the VoCore as my boat's wifi network as well as routing NMEA0183 instrument data.
The VoCore will receive instrument data over USB-serial and will re-distribute it via wifi to multiple clients.
The data-router package is kplex (
My clients will be laptops and iOS devices running their own NMEA data display tools.
I also want to do some data logging on the vocore.

I like the small size and low power aspect of it.
Future plans are to install a dedicated solar panel and battery power system for the vocore, using a basic USB lithium power board and 18650 lithium cells.
I want to be able to leave the vocore running all the time without worrying about draining my boat's house battery.

Really looking forward to receiving my units.



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