Overclocking Vocore2?

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Overclocking Vocore2?

Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:51 am

I was wondering what cpu/ram timings one should abide by. I did:

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root@OpenWrt:/# cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type             : MediaTek MT7628AN ver:1 eco:2
machine                 : VoCore2
processor               : 0
cpu model               : MIPS 24KEc V5.5
BogoMIPS                : 385.84
wait instruction        : yes
microsecond timers      : yes
tlb_entries             : 32
extra interrupt vector  : yes
hardware watchpoint     : yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0ffc, 0x0ffc, 0x0ffb, 0x0ffb]
isa                     : mips1 mips2 mips32r1 mips32r2
ASEs implemented        : mips16 dsp
shadow register sets    : 1
kscratch registers      : 0
package                 : 0
core                    : 0
VCED exceptions         : not available
VCEI exceptions         : not available


This isn't going to be a permanent clock, and I'm not too worried about heat because I have many MANY ways of cooling very small cpus should the need arise.

What are some higher cpu/ram timing values that I could test?

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