AP+STA and Apple extended Wifi network - Solved

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AP+STA and Apple extended Wifi network - Solved

Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:10 pm

Hi all,
couple of days going crazy trying to get my 2u connected to my home network. Followed the procedure to the letter and wouldn't work.
Now it does and my guess it is that it depended on the network I was trying to connect to. Please correct me if the same setup worked well for you.
I was trying to connect my vocore to an Apple extended Wifi network. An Extreme base extended on another floor of the house via an Express.
For some reason there was no way to have the vocore to connect to it. Tonight decided to connect it to another Wifi of mine, the Wifi provided by the IPS's router. Magically the Vocore managed to connect to it.
Don't know if it is a "coincidence", black magic or anything, just wanted to post this in case other people have the same Apple setup and are having issues.


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