VoCore2 connect issue

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VoCore2 connect issue

Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:41 am

I have just received my VoCore2 ultimate, but it seems to be DOA.

It does not show up i WiFi hotspot list, tried with power from HP and Lenovo PC and usb charger.
I tried connecting via serial (putty) but there's not output in the terminal window.

It's detected as a USB device in both windows 7 and Ubuntu both i have no idea what to try.

Anything i can try?

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Re: VoCore2 connect issue

Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:46 am

Is the purple LED light?
If not, you might need to bring it out of the shell, press on top and bottom part and try again.

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Re: VoCore2 connect issue

Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:29 am

My main man Ching You truly are a stack of genius. Works like a charm. I was already suspecting stasi or local nationalists to have magnetised it cos "made in china" but that just simply did it.

Gently with some kind of potato knife or box cutter gently flip it open

as described http://vocore.io/v2u.html <- here


use the back of a wooden pencil, it fits like a glove in the ethernet and once more gently push the machine out of its dock. Gently (here i go again :D ) push the top, preferably on a wooden table or something after you discharged your fingers etc. just in case (touch a metal computer case or something), cant be careful enough
press down, flip it over, press down again et voila

i has the pink light, i has the vocore2 in both wi-fi hotspot on pc, and my android phone and very likely on the windows laptop downstairs (which isnt mine)

connect to it in , check browser, do putty, like a charm my friend

maybe this could be part of a sticky-for-total-noobs who are willing to admit they are ? I mean im quite the lamer and noob when it comes to electronics i just get by on my hybrid betazoid/vulcan empathy and logic in the world if it werent for this post i would have been messing about looking for help before admitting i needed to ask . 1000 pts for Ching, the man

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