Error: sd-card ejects with read failures

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Re: Error: sd-card ejects with read failures

Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:57 am

xtejkl wrote:We are observing the same issue with the SD card. We discovered that this beahvioral is temperature sensitive. It is enough to cool the CPU by several degrees and the SD card works. But the same behavioral can be seen when heating working device above 70 degree. Than the SD card is lost. It looks as there are some dependencies in the impedance matching circuit for SD interface (five 10 kOhm resistors). It may help to decrease their value little bit.

Thank for mention that :)
The problem is because default SD card driver is using card-detect pin, but on VoCore that pin is float and we are using cd-polling to check the sd card insert.
The problem is the float input is not certain (ye, maybe it is associate with temperature), that causes sd card randomly eject.
I have fix such issue by upgrade sd card driver, remove that cd-pin, so now it works normally. patch has submitted to lede and also you can download the latest firmware from or

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