Vocore2 ultimate second antenna and LEDE ?

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Vocore2 ultimate second antenna and LEDE ?

Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:45 am

Does the second antenna with Vocore2 Ultimate uses the MTK drivers ? I am running the latest LEDE for a few weeks now and yes the currently wifi driver is very poor.

To vocore developer, since the MTK wifi driver will not be open source for awhile, why not release a work arround to use external WIFI AC/N/B/G USB DONGLE connected to the usb port or usb switch port ?. It's just a matter of porting the wireless linux driver to LEDE and Vocore2 Ultimate no ?

I really do not understand why every where on the internet they say Vocore supports LEDE, it's sort of YEs and No, Wifi is very bad in LEDE.....useless wifi, and with OpenWrt the wifi configuration section doesn't allow encryption by default and we have to perform extra steps by trial and error. Why haven't the developer compiled a new firmware to fix this issue ? We are paid customers expecting what we paid for to work 100% with no additional changes to the backend (linux os) configurations.

We need a new official release here on this website with LEDE and OpenWrt downloads. 20170323.bin


Edit: is it possible to add a Second RJ-45 port to Vocore2 Ultimate with soldering ? port 1 to gateway and port 2 to device, to me this setup sounds more logical for a small form router no.... only 1 port offers devices connectivity to wifi only and wifi right now is very bad both on LEDE and OpenWrt.

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