Dead Vocore2 Lite

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Dead Vocore2 Lite

Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:17 pm

I have 2 Vocore2-lite, now both are dead.
First on was DOA, the green LED on the board, never turned on.
Second board worked for two hours, after playing with the GPIO's this device also died = green LED doesn't turn on.
No activity on the serial interface.

When the good devices booted the supply current was fluctuating between 70mA and 120mA,
Both dead devices have a steady current of 55mA, no fluctuations.
No activity from the devices, no WLAN....
The on board 3.3V regullator works fine.

The good device died after putting a 5k resistor between MISO and 3.3V. The DOA device was powered up with this resistor on. Removing the resistor has no effect.

Any ideas.

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Re: Dead Vocore2 Lite

Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:15 pm

Do you solder it or using wire connect to it?
Such damage is solder damage as I know,

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