vocore2 brick reasons ?

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vocore2 brick reasons ?

Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:55 pm


I just bought a few vocore2 (ultimate) kits.

I see on the webpage that there are instructions on how to fix a 'bricked' device. (http://vocore.io/v2u.html)

I would like to know what are the possible reasons for a vocore to become bricked.

I'm planning to use the vocore2 module in a vehicle (autobus) for some prototyping and I would like to know if the vocore2 is reliable enough for this kind
of environment.

So here are me questions:
What are the possible cause for a vocore2 to become bricked ?
Is it possible that the vocore2 will become brick because of (random) power cycles ?
Is the rootfs mounted in read-only like in openwrt ?
Is the vocore2 reliable enough to be used in the field ?
(by reliable.. I mean that it will not become bricked or not accessible because of power cycles or other obscure reasons)

Thanks for your comments,

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Re: vocore2 brick reasons ?

Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:13 pm

normal usage will not brick it, some people just want to learn uboot and change the code themseves, that is easy to brick vocore2.

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