VoCore2 Wifi not working properly

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VoCore2 Wifi not working properly

Wed May 16, 2018 1:33 pm

Hello :)

Recently I bought several VoCore2 and would like to connect them with my wifi. Unfortunately it seems not that easy as I thought would it be, without using an external attenna.

1. When I scan the available wifi in my environment (with "iwinfo ra0 scan") I mostly get a response. When I scan one, the signalstrength seems to be very low. I get a 30 out of 100 even though my smartphone with enabled hotspot is just next to the VoCore. Why is that?

2. I used the UCI commands to connect with my wifi, according to the VoCore2 Wiki. But either it reconnects several times or does not even connect to the wifi (I check it with pinging to Google). The odd part is: I bought a Vocore2 earlier this year and it worked perfectly. Now I tried it with multiple vocores of my latest order but none of them really worked. Is there an other method to connect the vocore with the Internet (and/or use it as AP + STA Mode)?

Thank you!

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Re: VoCore2 Wifi not working properly

Thu May 17, 2018 9:57 am

Try the latest firmware :)

This version can not run uci directly but can be used to test wifi.

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