Breakout board & example schematics for VoCore2

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Breakout board & example schematics for VoCore2

Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:02 pm

I wanted to use VoCore2 on my own custom board. But before beginning the layout, I wanted an easy way to test it. The VoCore2 Ultimate is nice, but it doesn't give access to all the pins. So I created a proper breakout board with easy to access 2.54mm pin headers for VoCore2:


All the schematics, layout and footprints used are done in KiCad and I released them as Open Source Hardware:

So even if you don't want this exact breakout board, maybe the schematics or footprints are a starting point for your own project.

I also published patches to the official OpenWRT tree to configure the Device Tree for the VoCore2. They may serve as an example how to do that for your own project.

Have fun!

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