[2 Issues] Cannot scan for wifi; Vocore2 as WISP

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[2 Issues] Cannot scan for wifi; Vocore2 as WISP

Tue Apr 30, 2019 1:33 pm


I am backed the Vocore2 Ultimate.
Recently, I updated Vocore2 to the latest firmware and connect to Vocore´s wifi but cannot find anything. It keep scanning and does not show any result. I wonder if anyone can help me.

After fixing it, I would like to have Vocore2 function similar to TP-Link´s WISP mode. Meaning: Connect to a hotspot and broadcast another wifi for multiple devices; the hotspot only see 1 IP.
The problem is Unitymedia require a custom certificate https://www.unitymedia.de/content/dam/dcomm-unitymedia-de/Privatkunden/angebote/wifispot/LGI_Root_CA.cer
and also specific EAP, Authentication.
I found a guide here:
https://datafreak.eu/2018/09/unitymedia ... ls-client/
But I have no idea how to apply to Vocore2.

I would be grateful if you can help me. I don´t have electronics/networks knowledge so more details guide would be nice.
In case Vocore cannot handle 2 wifi signal , connect to hotspot then relay to LAN is OK as well.
Thankyou and best regards,

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Re: [2 Issues] Cannot scan for wifi; Vocore2 as WISP

Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:56 pm

Which firmware you are using?
Please use the latest firmware from vocore.io/v2 but not openwrt.
openwrt one default wifi is off, so you can not find any ap anymore.
vocore.io/v2 one (in firmware section, normally uses a date code as its version) default enable wifi and optimize many options for easy using.

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