microSD card driver for vocore2 ultimate

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microSD card driver for vocore2 ultimate

Wed Apr 01, 2020 3:41 am

I am running openwrt 19.07.0X on the vocore2 ultimate. When I plug in a 256G microSD card into the dock, nothing shows up in /dev? Is there a microSD card driver that needs to be added to this firmware?

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Re: microSD card driver for vocore2 ultimate

Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:22 pm

hiya there my friend,

if you downloaded latest f/w of openwrt, but before install update the latest but correct firmware, use 7zip & attempt to extract the image itself and try to see if they offer a changelog.txt file. it may give recent updated list of new drivers or bug fixes.
The make and model of sd card might have an impact. I suggest this if you believe all other peripherals appear to be initializing. One thing- I personally encounter is the need to reflash an f/W on soc board items. But first back up any important things if applies.

Last resort- is there a way ucan perform using the hosts' debugger or CLI; perhaps (dmesg) log dump and maybe some hints in this report. idk, if its possible and if usee fit at no risk to u.
Im just guessing, if uget this, please gimme feedback so that maybe ican utilize hardware dev. tips. if my words u feel are to risky, i dont want to force being responsible for negative outcomes but i love that these can usually be reflashed, if ur like me and jump off deep end. if it makes sense, do it or please be safe. feedbk if that was decipherable, i need to know, thank you.
PS i love rexording the flashing process as its happening if kernel log available

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