[HowTo]Recover from faulty image using tftpboot

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[HowTo]Recover from faulty image using tftpboot

Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:36 pm

After facing problems with faulty kernel images i searched for a better solution to recover to a running image.
Bad news first: You still need Serial Console.
Good news: You do not need to do Serial hacking or sending the file via UART :)

First of all, you need a tftp server, i use Tftpd64 by Ph. Jounin (Link).
Now the steps for the easiest way to use it:

  • Connect VoCore and your HostPC to Ethernet
  • Configure your HostPC to
  • The image you want to copy should be placed in the right directory, named test.bin
  • Boot up VoCore and hit x to enter console
  • simply enter tftpboot
  • Wait for the image to getting loaded.

Now note the size of the copied image:

  • enter erase linux to delete old image
  • enter cp.linux [the image size you note down earlier] to copy the loaded image into SPI flash
  • enter reset to restart the system

  • DONE :)

That is very easy to use. You can change the tftpboot command and enter your own IP-address and image name if you are not able/do not wish to change your IP address and so on. Further information can be found in "the internet".
To change the ip address of Vocore, use setenv ipaddr [IP ADDRESS].
To change the ip address vocore searches the tftp server, use setenv serverip [IP ADDRESS].
To load a image with a specific name, use tftpboot 0x80100000 [whatevertheimageisnamed] - (0x80100000 is the load address - i am not quite sure whether it is the right spot, but thats what tftpboot choses itself, if no parameter is given)

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Re: [HowTo]Recover from faulty image using tftpboot

Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:23 pm

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I can download the bin file through this. takes a while, but it works.

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