Broken symbolic link in /overlay/rc.d

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Broken symbolic link in /overlay/rc.d

Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:53 am

Hi there!
this is my first post here, first of all sorry about my English, i'm very happy because my VoCore just arrived to my office!!
I'm connecting through ssh, and just looking around the filesystem i found that there is a broken link in the folder /overlay/rc.d it's name is S96led and actually is poiting to ../init.d/led i've replaced that Symbolic link with /etc/init.d/led, rebooted the system and everything is working correctly (just like before i suposse).
Could this change affect in some way the system? Should i undo that modification? Sorry if that question was resolved in previous post but i didn't find that question... ( I don't know if there is a faq somwhere ).

Thanks in advance!!!!

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