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Big big alpha

IoTOS is operating system based on OpenWRT that can be easily configured for "Internet of Things"

Features of IoTOS
  1. Minimal overhead (no http, no websocket,no luci etc)
  2. Fully customize (configure your gpios via configuration file and you are done)
  3. Other clients can easily integrate
  4. No middleware server
  5. Internet connection not needed (can run on bare network)

Sample video of using android api and controlling LED on VoCore

Developer stuff
Main stuff is mostly done, writing api's is boring :)
IoTOS is publishing all the information on topics:
  1. Device.Uptime = device uptime
  2. Device.Information = device basic info
  3. Device.Wireless = device wireless information, such as signal strehth, SSID etc
and client (Android) can subcribe and recive real time information.
Client can publish on topics such as "LED" to turn LED on/off

All this is done by using Mosquitto communicating via JSON

  1. Lua 5.1.5
  2. Mosquitto
  3. SQLite?
  4. Client libraries (Android for now)

  1. Finish writing APIs on IoTOS
  2. Finish writing APIs for Android
  3. Strip down OpenWRT image
  4. Create amazing kickass logo :)

Help wanted:
Any suggestions is more than welcome.
So like, I'am coding all day/night (lua/android) and it's is going,but if other developer can join, it can be super fast.

Source will be at:

Feel free to comment, I will update this post with more information and also with preview images that you can flash and try.

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Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:02 pm

Thank you for a piece of decent work.
Would you consider compiling the mraa module, libmraa?.
I used Linkit 7688, it works perfectly, and the same processor.

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:09 pm

I really like the idea of using MQTT for communication!
Will IoTOS offer the same functionality like the original VoCore + openWRT (= basically a small WiFi router)?

Edit: the youtube video is not available!

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