It's quiet..

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It's quiet..

Fri May 03, 2024 6:09 pm

I noticed that it's a really long time passed since anyone has posted to any forum category; last post was from admin on February..

Anyone here anymore? Is anyone just happy and think vocore's perfect as is, or has someone been working on his own on something?
I've been working with screen drivers for a few weeks now that I've had this, and with assistance of Chin (admin?) and what was done
so far, I've cooked up this: ... ernel/mpro

It's DRM driver for vocore screen, supporting both partial and full screen updates (user selectable), with native backlight and touch screen support.
Most of the work is done by other people, mostly backlight support is my hand-writing, and putting it all together while making it possible to choose
whether to update screen partially or not (only mpro supports partial updates, driver refuses partial updates if older screen is used)

partial support is enabled by either adding mpro.partial=1 to kernel's command line, or when probing module, adding parameter partial=1

I hope forum isn't completely dead, and I also hope that others will keep contributing as well.
My screen runs quite nicely video display and Weston on openwrt host with mesa swrast. So it's quite nice display in my opinion.

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