Vcore2 to create a wired streaming HD ip camera?
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Vcore2 to create a wired streaming HD ip camera?

Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:36 pm

Hello forum,
I'm building a simple module and I wonder if the Vcore2 might be a viable option and/or if someone would render an opinion for me.
Right now I am planning to use a Raspberry Pi Zero because it has a dedicated camera connector. I am only just learning about linux and how these systems work together but from my understanding so far, I really just need a system to receive the camera input, and pass it onto a wired ethernet (RJ45) port for streaming. I'm not entirely clear where compression to h.264 occurs, I guess that happens on the computer module and so specifications for clock speed, memory, etc come into play, and so I will want to make sure that these numbers are adequate to smoothly and reliably stream 1080p indefinitely. If you can summarize the relevant #'s that I should pay attention to for that task I would appreciate the knowledge.

With that said, I'm not sure also if a camera port (such as the pi zero has) is specifically more useful than a standard usb port that could still accept a comparable video camera input. I don't need many ports, or wifi (my output must be wired ethernet). My application is almost the same as building a simple IP camera, but not quite.

Anyway, thanks for any information. It seems to me so far that VoCore2 is a viable candidate for this project.
Also- adding a 2nd board (ultimate) doubles the size requirement for this project. Can I solder ethernet wires directly to my Vcore2 mainboard?

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Re: Vcore2 to create a wired streaming HD ip camera?

Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:20 am

current VoCore2 camera directly output h264 stream, do not need to compress.
output to wireless and wired ethernet is using same way, for mjpeg output you can use mjpeg-streamer.

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