Vocore2 runs blynk

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Vocore2 runs blynk

Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:31 pm

blynk is an interface through a cloud to your cellphone. On your cellphone you
can make a user interface which interacts with the application running on Vocore2.
This can work across firewalls in some cases.
I build the blynk application with the new 18.06 toolset. it requires the c++ library in
the /lib on your vocore2 copied from the staging_dir tree of 18.06
The blynk code I used was blynk-library-master/linux change the Make file cxx to point
to the g++ compiler in 18.06 tools. Modify the main.cpp to interact with the blynk objects
of choice. So now I can turn lights on/off. open/close Garage door etc with Cell phone talking
to Vocore wired from gpio pins to optical isolated relays.

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