Controlling an SPi port expander (python)

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Controlling an SPi port expander (python)

Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:36 am


i would like to control 2 Spi devices with my VOCORE2 (slim model 16MB). 1 of the ic's is a port expander (MCP23017) and the other is an ADC also Spi interfcae (MCP3008). Controlling these on raspberry pi with python is very easy. How to use Spi on VOCORE2 with openwrt? Do i have to export Spi port in SYSFS? Like toggle GPIO over echo in file?

my problem: i cannot install "spidev" for python on the VOCORE2 because there is not enough space. My existing program is in python and it would be great if i could interface with SPi devices with python directly.

Any help is greatly appreciated <3


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