Vocore GPIO Default State

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Vocore GPIO Default State

Thu Jan 19, 2023 4:24 am

Hello all,

For a project at my school, we have been planning on using a VoCore2 as a computer for a rocketry project of ours. The vocore will mainly be used to determine when to blow ematches during the rocket's flight, and then activate them by pulling a GPIO pin high. We wanted to know what the default state of these GPIO pins are, because if the pins are a default high upon power-up, the ematches will blow immediately, which would be really bad.

I've done some searching through the Vocore's datasheet and the forum, but couldn't find any information about this question. If anyone can answer this, it would be a big help! Thanks!

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Re: Vocore GPIO Default State

Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:29 am

This need to check hardware, if no pull up or pull down, default status is input.
You can use Linux /sys/gpio/... to control it in software side.viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4053

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