Garbage in UART output on uboot (not Openwrt)

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Garbage in UART output on uboot (not Openwrt)

Thu May 18, 2023 1:26 pm


I've been using lots of Vocore2 boards without problem for years, but since my last two purcharses, the new boards failed to show properly the u-boot stage in serial console. The same three Vocore2 boards but purcharsed 2 years ago worked fine with the same setup. This makes me unable to flash a new firmware via kermit, for example.

In all cases when uboot gives the control to OpenWRT, UART console is working and I'm able to operate normally. I've cheched this in Linux and Windows (Putty). Settings are typical 115200 8N1 No flow control.

I've testes with other baudrates, lower and higher, with no success.

Anyone else with this problem?

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Re: Garbage in UART output on uboot (not Openwrt)

Mon May 22, 2023 3:42 am

Hi, we changed the USB2TTL chip, so old uboot which bit rate is not that exactly same as 115200 will not show correctly for this CP2104 chip.
Just upgrade uboot will fix it.

In Linux, use this command:

insmod /tmp/w2uboot.ko
mtd -e u-boot write uboot128m.bin u-boot

first command is used to remove write protect of u-boot, second one will write new uboot to it.
w2uboot.ko and uboot128.bin download at, put them to /tmp folder of VoCore2

md5sum e1711d30342d0c8498a3f83e434945f8 uboot128m.bin

Later we will do the upgrade before out of factory.

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